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Premium and Delicious e-Liquids with Nicotine. Made in Canada.
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Amsterdam e-Liquid

Without delay, introducing Amsterdam e-Liquid. A premium and high quality eJuice line. No doubt an exceptional choice for experienced and newbie vapers alike. Be that as it may, customers may use their Amsterdam e-Liquids in a wide variety of Electronic Cigarettes. Including such hardware like the eStick, Emow and also the Kanger Evod. So, what are you waiting for!? Relish in the rich, juicy flavours Amsterdam e-Liquid definitely has too offer today!

Your Delicious Vape Experience Awaits

In brief, Amsterdam e-Liquids are an enticing and satisfying blend of 34% Vegetable Glycerin (VG). So with each and every exhale. Allow Amsterdam e-Liquids to instantly transport your senses to beautiful Amsterdam. And once you’re there. You truly decide where the path will take you!

Amsterdam e-Liquid Bestsellers

In detail, below are just a sample of Amsterdam e-Liquids Bestsellers! Delicious and also savoury flavours that are sure to tickle any vapers taste preference! Bestsellers include; Mild Tobacco. Bubble Gum and Sweet Tarts. (By all means, we dare you to choose just one!)

Sweet Tarts

First off is Sweet Tarts! Obviously a fan favourite for good reasons! A mouth puckering, tart and tangy flavour that will tweak your taste buds no doubt!  As a matter of fact, which do you taste. Sweet or tart? Let your palate uniquely take the test with Amsterdam e-Liquids rendition on an old time favourite!


On the other hand. Bubblegum is another obvious long standing fan favourite. And it’s no surprise! In fact, that unmistakeable flavour has us salivating and we haven’t even had a vape yet! To put it in another way, Amsterdam e-Liquids was born to play in the big leagues. Home run after home run can’t lie!

Mild Tobacco

Rich, subtle tobacco notes. On the whole, Mild Tobacco provides just that. Accompanied by an exceptional smooth and uncomplicated flavour. A fresh and distinct tobacco essence envelops every flavour Mild Tobacco eJuice. Hence why Mild Tobacco is a Bestseller!

A High Quality, Premium eJuice Line

To start, we source North American, premium and also pharmaceutical grade Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.

After, we then add delectable flavours. Enjoy that all our flavourings, as well our VG/PG are food grade and also FDA approved.

Lastly, we incorporate the chosen nicotine strength to produce an exquisite, explicitly deliciously blended e-Liquid!

The finished product. Amsterdam e-Liquid is truly a delightful. Flawlessly blended. Premium and also fresh eJuice line!

Made In Canada

To enumerate, In 2012. We began blending premium, exceptional e-Liquids in Canada. Notably, using only ingredients sourced within North America from trusted reputable sources. For this reason we are able to manufacture and blend premium e-Liquids right here in Canada!

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