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Amsterdam e-Liquid Flavours

First customers may choose their favourite Amsterdam e-Liquid flavours in 0, 4, 8, 12 and 18 mg strengths! As well, customers may purchase their e-Liquids in two fantastic sizes! Either in the especially convenient travel sized 30ml sized bottle. Ideal for carrying in a purse, kit, and even a backpack! Also customers may choose to purchase their e-Liquid in the value size 130ml bottles. An excellent choice for customers who know specifically what they like.

Tobacco Flavours

Amsterdam e-Liquid blends remarkably smooth and deliciously flavoured Tobacco eJuice flavours. Tobacco flavours truly blended to perfection include Honey Tobacco. Black Cherry Tobacco, Spearmint and also Menthol. And not to mention the fan favourites; Mild and Rich Tobacco.

Drink Flavours

Even if happy hour isn’t in fact your thing. Amsterdam e-Liquids definitely has something brewing for everyone! With delectable, warm flavours including Caramel Macchiato. And Vanilla Cappuccino. As well refreshing, cool drinks such as Pina Colada and RootBeer Float. Whatever the occasion. Amsterdam e-Liquids certainly has you covered!

Fruity Flavours

The fruit tree over at Amsterdam e-Liquids is especially ripe for the picking! Blueberries and Lychees! Blackberries or Green Apples! Peaches and Strawberries. Raspberries and also Black Cherries are just waiting to be plucked and enjoyed!

Sweet Flavours

Splurge a little and indulge in Amsterdam e-Liquids naughty sweets. Slice of Cherry Pie or Apple Pie? Scoop of Chocolate Mint Ice cream or rmaybe Vanilla Ice Cream? Nibble of a Peanut Butter Cookie? Or toss back some creamy Caramel! Amsterdam e-Liquids definitely has something for any sweet tooth!

THC e-Liquids

Customers may also purchase THC e-Liquid. Especially blended and extracted by Amsterdam e-Liquids. Of course using quality Canadian marijuana. Sourced specifically by our licensed growers. In fact, each cartridge contains an unbelievable 75% THC. And lastly, Amsterdam THC e-Liquids blended in Canada. With only FDA approved food grade flavourings and bases used.