Satisfaction Guarantee

Enjoy Complete Customer e-Liquid Guarantee!

e-Liquid Guarantee


Our Amsterdam e-Liquid Guarantee is simple. If you purchase a bottle of Amsterdam e-Liquid from our website, and you do not enjoy the flavour just let us know. We understand that different flavours can taste noticeably different to different people. We want you to be happy with the Amsterdam e-Liquid flavours you select.

Our e-Liquid guarantee applies to one bottle of the same size. If you buy a 30ml bottle of Sweet Tarts in 12mg strength, and you were unhappy. We would replace that one bottle with any other flavour, in 12mg strength and in a 30ml bottle.

Please note our guarantee is only on one bottle. If you buy 6 Sweet Tarts and do not like them. We will only replace one of the bottles, not all 6. We hope that this commitment to you allows you to try and test all of the great Amsterdam e-Liquid flavours to find the best ones for you!