ECTA Approved

Amsterdam e-Liquid is ECTA Approved! Setting Standards for the Canadian Vape Industry!

Electronic Cigarette Trade Association

In light of recent laws, Amsterdam e-Liquid is a proud to inform clients that we are a member of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA). And therefore follow all safety guidelines in place for e-Liquids. So vape with confidence!

What Does ECTA Approved Mean?

To begin, the ECTA or Electronic Cigarette Trade Association is an industry wide organization. Which works alongside manufacturers and distributors. Whom ensure that all electronic cigarette products adhere to the correct legal and regulatory composition. In 2011, the ten Founding Directors formed the ECTA after months of consideration with competing Canadian vendors, consultants and legal advisors. Although the ECTA works with an international team. The framework and general safety standards for electronic cigarettes ECTA nevertheless follows all existing Canadian laws.

Goals of ECTA

To enumerate, the primary goal of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association is to collate the varying regulatory laws regarding e-Liquids and eCigarettes seen across Canada. Which will then form the program ECTA, the Industry Standards of Excellence. The Standards of Excellence would then ensure that all vendors explicitly adhere to the rules and regulations set forth. ECITA, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association which is in place in the UK and EU. Has laid out the stepping stones that the ECTA has specifically built their program around. For instance, the UK and EU have comparatively both faced the same challenges that Canada is seeing now. But has since gained support from government officials. Not to mention a well profitable market approval from the industry.

Label Standards

e-Liquid is standardized under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. (CCPSA)

Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (CPLA) and Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations (CPLR) covers consumer products in Canada.

The Consumer Chemicals and Container Regulations 2001 (CCCR) compliance act will be required for e-Liquids. As stated by Health Canada upon Royal Assent for those products containing nicotine.