Fruity Flavours

Choose your favourite Fruity Flavours here!

Fruity Flavours

Amsterdam e-Liquid produces exceptionally smooth and tastefully flavoured Fruity eJuice flavours.

Black Cherry

Amsterdam Black Cherry e-Liquid is an exceptional treat for any eJuice enthusiast. Enjoy the sweet, subtle notes of delicious black cherries plucked straight from the tree. Envelope your taste buds with a vape-cation from Amsterdam e-Liquids Black Cherry eJuice!


Forage your way thru the wild and pluck plump, dark delicious blackberries with their woody, sweet-sour flavour that is purely delightful to the senses. Amsterdam e-Liquids Blackberry eJuice flavour is one that will have even the bears coming running for a taste!


Stroll down memory lane, to easier times when nothing mattered but filling your bucket to the brim with sweet, deliciously plump and juicy blueberries. Amsterdam e-Liquids has perfected the flavour of juicy blueberries bursting in your mouth with the tasty Blueberry eJuice!

Green Apple

Want to play a game? Bobbing for apples that is! Dive head first and enjoy the juicy, crisp, fresh and ultimately satisfying vape experience with Green Apple eJuice. Amsterdam e-Liquid has nailed the well known tart and refreshing taste of green apples with Green Apple eJuice!

Gummy Koala Bears

Did you know that the world’s largest gummy bear weighs 5 pounds and is equal to 1400 regular sized bears? Enjoy a smaller, but just as tasty time with Gummy Koala Bears eJuice from Amsterdam e-Liquids. An undoubtably fantastic flavour and vape experience combined!


Known as the King of Fruits this sumptuous little guy is sweet and juicy with a crisp flesh and its own unique fragrance. Amsterdam e-Liquid blends a deliciously tropical fruit eJuice with a distinct and unique flavour. Lychee eJuice is a must try flavour guaranteed!


Like a taking a deep breath of a cool winter breeze, menthol has an invigorating minty taste that will stimulate your senses . Amsterdam e-Liquids Menthol eJuice creates a cool crisp sensation which will surely tantalize your taste buds with each and every vape.


Raspberries sure are utterly deliciously sweet little red gems. But the thorns sure hurt! Avoid the prickly chore of plucking your own raspberries and vape the dangerously sweet flavour of Raspberry eJuice available from Amsterdam e-Liquids!


Take a long, deep inhale of the cooling and gently vitalizing effect with Spearmint eJuice. Amsterdam e-Liquid has taken the well known minty flavour of spearmint and blended the refreshing flavour into an energizing eJuice that is sure to please any palate!


All of a sudden, its back to hot summer days. Quickly searching thru the field for mouth watering, juicy strawberries. Generally putting more in the your mouth than in the basket. On the positive side, Amsterdam e-Liquids Strawberry flavour’s just as lip smacking good!