Sweet Flavours

Choose your favourite Sweet Flavour here!

Sweet Flavours

Amsterdam e-Liquid produces delightfully smooth and tastefully flavoured Sweet eJuice flavours.

Apple Pie

At this instant, can you smell Grandma’s fresh home baked apple pie cooling on the window sill? Amsterdam e-Liquid’s Apple Pie eJuice will instantly astound you with it’s remarkably familiar flavour.  Until now, Apple Pie was a special treat, now enjoy it whenever!


Caramel, the delectable creamy, smooth and oh so gooey flavour of delicious caramel. Do you fancy the taste of Caramel? Vape Amsterdam e-Liquids creamy and dreamy Caramel eJuice. This delightful flavour will enchant your senses vape after vape.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie..the crust light, flaky and buttery. The cherry filling? Intense. Thick, syrupy, cherry heaven. Pure happiness bursts with every vape. Amsterdam e-Liquid has blended a Cherry Pie eJuice so divine that you will want to keep it to yourself and not share with anyone!


Chocolate. Surely a flavour of the Gods, right!? Immerse your taste buds in the milky, creamy, chocolatey devilment that is Chocolate eJuice by Amsterdam e-Liquids. An exquisite blend of chocolatey goodness that receives a lip smacking yes! With each and every vape.

Chocolate Mint

Gift your palate a glorious gift with the flavour of rich dark chocolate, combined with the delightful coolness of crisp, refreshing mint. Mouth watering. Amsterdam e-Liquid has perfected that delicious blend in the intoxicating Mint Chocolate eJuice.

Dulce De Leche

Tales have been told of those who eat Dulce De Leche by the spoonfuls. Flavour enthusiasts drop that spoon and grab a bottle of Dulce De Leche eJuice. Amsterdam e-Liquid’s blended a batch of sweet, rich, creamy, almost candy like milk for your vaping pleasure.

Hot Cinnamon

Do you remember those hot cinnamon candies that always seem to appear around St. Valentines day? We’ve recreated this as a featured Amsterdam e-Liquid flavour. Enjoy cinnamon fresh vapes anytime of the year! (Cupid need not apply!)

Peanut Butter Cookies

Imagine, the warm, fresh baked scent of delicious cookies fills the room. The taste of nutty, creamy peanut butter tickles your nose. Satisfy your peanut butter tooth with the ridiculously tasty Peanut Butter Cookie eJuice blended proudly by Amsterdam e-Liquids.

Sweet Tarts

Sweet Tarts will tweak your taste buds with a tart and tangy, mouth puckering flavour. Can you decide, sweet or tart? Which of the two do you taste more? Give your palate the ultimate taste test with Amsterdam e-Liquids take on an old candy favourite!

Vanilla Ice Cream

A definite crowd pleaser? Vanilla Ice Cream for sure. Rich, cold, creamy milk and pure, spicy vanilla flavour. Vanilla is a widely popular flavour. But Amsterdam e-Liquids Vanilla Ice Cream eJuice flavour’s a unique twist on a timeless flavour that can’t be duplicated.


Yum Yum Bubblegum. How big was your bubble?! Bubble gum is a classic flavour for any nostalgic person. Here’s an eJuice destined for the big leagues! Amsterdam e-Liquids rendition of Bubble Gum eJuice has us swinging for more! Convince yourself.